Ms. Laila AL Hadhrami

Ms. Laila AL Hadhrami

  • Smart Cities Development Manager, National Energy Center

A field-leader with more than 15 years’ experience, Laila is leading national projects in Digital Transformation and Smart Cities across Oman and internationally. She is also a global keynote speaker participated in more than 100 conferences and events. She is a global Award Winning and recently has been awarded one of Top 50 Business & Digital Transformation Women Leaders of the Year 2021 in the Middle East. She is One of the leading thinkers on smart cities in the Middle East and is now global associate at RMA Advisory.

Working closely with several UN organizations, she was Research Fellow with the UNU-EGOV Government. She led several national projects centred on digital transformation and is passionate about CoPs, establishing the first of its kind as Change Management in Oman. Currently, she is Smart City Developments Manager at the National Energy Centre, Oman, and before was a Senior Executive in the National Digital Transformation program at the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and IT. Laila is the founder of Smart City Ambassadors and Smart Omanuna, underpinning her methodology of organizational empowerment and focusing on government innovation, re-process engineering, business analysis, UX and knowledge- and project management.

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2nd Day 09/30/2020 12:00 am